12 Best Exercise – Do this Every Day

Start exercising like this?Best Exercise

Exercise not only prevents serious illness, it also benefits your mental and emotional health. But even if it sounds, you can use it in your daily life. It’s as difficult as being a part. In these situations, you can adopt these 4 methods to make your workout a part of your routine.

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1) Actual Goal:
Goals should always be small. Build your ability to run a mile in the first month or do 2030 push-ups at a time. These goals will motivate you.

2) Choose an Appropriate Time: Always choose a time to continue your
workout regularly. You don’t have to run only at 6 in the morning. You can also do the treadmill at the gym at 9.

3) Favorite exercise: Always start exercising with your favorite exercise, such as walking, running, or hitting the gym.

4) Plan B is necessary: ​​Plan B for
exercise is the most important. Sometimes there may be situations where you can’t get to the gym on time. In that situation, you can walk 20 minutes that day.

12 the Best exerciseBest Exercise

Exercise maintains agility in the body. That’s why today we have come up with easy and effective exercises, which can be done in a few minutes at home.

It can provide energy and wellness to the body.
1.butt exercisebutt exercises

Stand with your feet slightly apart. Now while sitting down, move the hands upwards, as shown in the picture. You can also do it by keeping the chair. Keep in mind, do not sit on the chair by bending, you have to get up by touching it. Do 10-15 sets in the beginning, then increase with time.

The 7 Best Exercise To Loss Weight

The lower part of the waist will get the right shape and the extra fat will also be reduced.

2. back exerciseback exercise

Stand straight by sticking the feet and bring the hands up as shown in the picture. Bend both the hands at the elbow, first bring them towards the front of the face and then take them back. Do this continuously. Do 5 to 10 minutes in the beginning, then increase the time.


The spine will be strengthened and the hands will also get the right shape (toad).

3. twisted vest

To do this, first of all, stand a little ahead of the wall and stand straight. Now open the legs at the level of the shoulders. Keeping the legs straight, turn back from the waist to the right and rest both hands on the wall. Similarly turn to the other side. Do 10-10 sets in the beginning, then keep increasing.


By doing this exercise daily, the extra fat of the waist is reduced and the body becomes shapely.

4. wall sitwall sit

In this, first of all, stand straight by leaning against the wall. Bend the knees and sit in a chair-like position, as shown in the picture. Stay in this position for 20 to 30 seconds and then come back to the previous position. Do this expenditure for 10 minutes in the beginning. Then increase the time as per convenience.

5. Legs exercise Legs exercise
Legs and jaws will get stronger. It is also helpful in maintaining the balance of the body.

blood circulation of the feet and legs should
important aspect of Shivli Pant’s fitness. The claws are often disregarded. Know that the blood circulation of the feet and legs should be fine and some simple body exercises which runners should do five times a week.

Healthy  heart food

Health stands on the strength of claws

5.1spread paws and apply light pressure

Stand with your legs spread as wide as your shoulders. Lifting the claws lightly, put pressure on the front part of the claw while spreading the fingers. Wait a few seconds. Come back to normal. Do it 5 times.

5.2 take short jumps by changing direction
Slowly change the directions. Change legs at every jump. If there is weakness in the hips, then it will be beneficial.

5.3 to stand on one’s feet
Stand with your legs spread as wide as your shoulders, while balancing, stand on your toes. After this, emphasize the front part of the toes as much as possible. Do this for five minutes.

5.4 one step forward one step back

Stand up. Taking the right foot forward, take it in front of the left foot and pat on Amin with the thumb. Then do this in front of the left leg. Repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

5.5 write a letter on the wind

Stand up straight and try to write a letter on the wind with one foot slightly raised in the air. Repeat the same exercise with the other leg. Do it five times.

Exercise every morning after waking up and do some staking, this will make the body flexible as well as remove laziness and will also keep the body fit.

If the body is stretched, then health becomes

6. Side Plank
Side Plank helps reduce back pain by strengthening your core muscles. Side planks work your hip, thigh, and abdominal muscles.

How to:

Lie on your right side with your legs straight over each other and your elbows under the shoulders of your right arm.
Keeping your head and body level, tighten your abs and lift your knees and hips off the floor.
Hold the position for 15-20 seconds, concentrating not to let your hips, head, and shoulders fall.
: Slowly return to the floor, switch to the left and repeat.


1. Reducing the risk of back injuries
2. Improving balance
3. Strengthening the core without straining the back
4. Protecting the spine
5. Strengthening three muscle groups simultaneously

7. Plank
Plank strengthens your back and abdominal muscles and strengthens your core muscles.

How to:

Start with your elbows and forearms on the floor, keeping your elbows in line with your shoulders.
Raise so that your body is in a straight line with the floor.
Bring your feet together and bend your toes to support your body.
Hold for 20-30 seconds.
Slowly lower your body to the floor, rest for 1 minute, and repeat 3-5 times.
Once people get stronger with this exercise, they can try the high plank.
This motion uses the same body position,
but the person keeps their arms straight and their palms on the floor just below the shoulders.


A strong core is more than just six pack abs. We subconsciously use our core muscles to do several activities a day, from bending over and lifting weights to balancing and even controlling our breathing. A weakened core can cause serious injury if ignored. The plank pose helps to work your core muscles and works great for strengthening them.

8. Pike Rollout
Pike Rollout uses your abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulders. People need a stabilizing ball.

How to:

Lie on the ball and place your hands and feet on the floor.
Roll the ball forward with bent toes. Keep your body in a straight line with your arms directly below your shoulders and your palms on the floor.
Bend your hips and lift your hips toward the ceiling, keeping your legs straight and your toes bent at the ball.
Hips in line with shoulders, back straight and head between arms.
Slowly lower your body to the starting position.

9. Pull-up
. Nothing says I’m as big as my shoulders. A wide back doesn’t hurt either.
The best exercise to develop large fan-shaped muscles (also called lats, or lats) that visually widen your shoulders are traditional pull-ups.
This means increased strength and overall muscle development with large, multi-joint exercises that result in the release of testosterone.


1. Work many muscles at the same time
2. Good for grip
3. Burns calories
4. Helps with aerobic exercise
5. Can be done anywhere
6. Improves mental health

10. Swiss Ball Rolling
Although very difficult, rolling the Swiss Ball is an essential part of navigating 6 dice.
Riding a ball puts more and more stress on your abs, and every fitness professional knows that one of the secrets to building muscle is high muscle tone. Use this motion instead of crunches to cut a specific six pack.


The beginner swiss ball workout increases your body’s flexibility for intense upper and lower body workouts.
This will help you complete the famous glutes exercise form called the squat. Place a stability ball between your lower back and the wall and it will support your back.
You can do the Swiss Ball exercise to improve balance and basic coordination.

11.Swimming Swimming
Swimming is arguably the best exercise. The buoyancy of water supports your body and relieves stress on your painful joints, allowing you to move more smoothly.
“Swimming is good for people with arthritis because it reduces weight bearing,” explains Dr. Yiming Li, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Studies show that swimming may also improve mental health and mood. Water aerobics is another option. These activities will help you burn calories and stay healthy.

Swimming Benefit :

Swimming is a great exercise because it requires you to move your entire body against the resistance of the water.Swimming is a great  all-round activity because:

Increases heart rate, but relieves shock stress in the body.
Improves endurance, strength and cardiovascular function.
Helps maintain a normal weight, heart and lung health.
Trains muscles and increases strength. The
provides a full body workout because almost all muscles are used while swimming.

12. Kegel Workout
This exercise may not make you look your best, but it does play an important role. This is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder. Strong pelvic floor muscles can be a great help in preventing incontinence. Although many women are familiar with Kegel exercises, men can also benefit from these exercises.

Kegel exercises require you to tighten the muscles that prevent urination or gas. Hold the tension for 2-3 seconds, then relax. After the contraction, the pelvic floor muscles should be completely relaxed. Repeat 10 times. Do 4-5 sets a day.

A lot of what we do for fun (and work) counts as exercise. Scratching the yard is considered a physical activity. You can also enjoy ballroom dancing and games with your children or grandchildren. If you do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day and include strength training two days a week, you can consider yourself “active”.


This is done to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. In addition to helping prevent urine leakage, Kegel exercises can help prevent accidental passing of stool (feces) or gas and improve orgasm. Maintaining the shape of these muscles helps prevent the uterus, bladder, and intestines from going down into the vagina.

These mistakes do not let you take advantage of exercise

Exercising is so beneficial, but if you sit with a few mistakes, it is difficult to get the benefits.

Exercise keeps us healthy not only physically but also MH mentally. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise daily for good health. But if you do not exercise properly, either you get hurt or you stop exercising. By bringing a little awareness, mistakes made during exercise can be avoided.

1) empty stomach exercise

minutes. If you have had a heavy meal, then it would be appropriate to exercise after one and a half hours, although yoga is done on an empty stomach, so make sure to consult a yoga teacher.

2) drink water fast

One should neither drink less nor drink too much water during exercise. Drink only little water when you are thirsty, so that the water level in the body remains normal. Many times people drink too much water during exercise or sports, which is wrong from the health point of view.

3) wearing tight clothes

During exercise or yoga, many people wear tight clothes due to which the muscles of the body do not stretch properly. Because of this, the body does not get the full benefit. Always wear loose and airy clothes during exercise.

4) warm up

Warm up for 5-10 minutes before exercising. For this, you can run and do light stretching. Exercising without stretching increases the risk of injury. It is very important to do stretching before and after doing any exercise or physical activity.

5) More Exercises

Exercising excessively increases the risk of exhaustion and injury in the body. Many people start playing badminton straight away. Playing without warm-up and stretching can lead to muscle strain and injury.

6) don’t rest

Some people do not give the rest or recovery period that the body needs after exercising. If the body is tired due to heavy exercise done the day before, then it should be given rest. Also, getting enough sleep is also very important, because the muscles repair themselves while sleeping.

If the body is stretched, then health becomes

Stretching and Exercise

flexibility in the body. By the way, it is necessary to do stretching before any exercise so that there is no pain in the body.

But stretching only after getting up in the morning is also beneficial for the body. By practicing it in the morning, you will feel refreshed throughout the day, blood circulation will be better and problems like back, arm, shoulder pain will also be beneficial.

1.head to toe

Sit straight and join the legs by spreading them straight in front. Take both the hands straight up in the line of the head and in this position bring the hands in front of the face while bringing them down from above. Tilt the upper body forward and try to touch the toes with the hands. Try that the head can touch the knees, but while doing this, keep the knees straight.

2.touching feet

We usually do this in sports and games, but this is an important stretching to make the body flexible. Stand straight and join the feet together. Raise both the hands up in line with the head and contract the stomach. Bend forward and try to touch the toes. But do not bend your knees during this. If you can’t touch it, don’t worry. Gradually the flexibility will increase. Keep breathing evenly. Stay in this posture for at least 30 seconds. Slowly return to normal position. Repeat this exercise 10-20 times.

3 Butterfly stretch

Sitting on the floor, join the soles together as in the picture. Keep your back straight. Now hold both the toes with the hands and then slowly bring the head forward and tilt it down and bring it near the feet. If the head is not coming to the feet, then do not apply too much, gradually the body will get flexible. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then come back to the normal position by raising the head and back.

4.triceps stretch

4 legs and sit under the hips. Keep the right hand above the head and bend it at the elbow and take it behind the back. Place it on the spine. To stay in this position for a few seconds, keep holding the elbow of the right hand with the left hand. Stay in this position for a few seconds. Then come back to normal position. Repeat the same process with the other hand

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