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what to eat when?
The Science of Food: Whatever the food… should be according to the body rhythm, when
The food which is beneficial in the morning, the same food at night can be harmful.healthy foods to eat everyday to lose weight

healthy food eat everyday;  Our body is in different states in 24 hours of the day. It releases different hormones at different times. Which has an effect on metabolism to brain and body. This affects our physical activities. Although fruits and vegetables are best for the body, but if they are consumed at the right time, they prove to be more beneficial. At the same time, consuming them at the wrong time can also be harmful for health. According to physiology, the movement of our intestines starts from around 8 in the morning. And they remain active till about 10 o’clock in the night. After that this movement starts to weaken. In such a situation, know… what to eat when?

healthy food eat everyday

1.use of water and fruits in the beginning of the day

The alertness of the body remains sharp from 5 am to 12 noon. The secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin has stopped. In such a situation, fruits, herbs and water should be used more during this time. It keeps freshness throughout the day. The body remains energetic.

2.Vegetables should be consumed more in the middle of the day

Body coordination is best around 2 pm. Whereas the reaction time is maximum between 3 and 4. In such a situation, the maximum consumption of vegetables should be done between 12 to 3 o’clock. They compensate for the damage to the cells. Minerals are rapidly absorbed in the body.

3. End of the day… that is, eat less solid food after 8 o’clock

The heart’s capacity is at its highest at 5 pm. Whereas the body temperature is highest at 7 o’clock. At 9 o’clock in the night the secretion of sleep hormone melatonin starts. In such a situation, solid food can be taken from 3 pm to 8 pm, keep in mind that after 8 pm, avoid taking solid food

food and health

Food plays a major role in our mental and physical health. What we eat, when and how much we eat is important. Obesity has taken the form of a global epidemic today due to eating habits. The trend of processed and fast food has increased rapidly, which is the reason for many lifestyle diseases. Whereas our food should be such that not only gives us energy but also gives us the power to fight diseases. Know how our food should be which keeps us healthy.

Every food item has a color in which phytochemicals ie antioxidants are found, such foods are also useful for mental health.

Rainbow Diet: Food colors help fight diseasehealthy foods to eat everyday to lose weight

Consumption of fruits and vegetables in the diet keeps the body healthy, but if vegetables and fruits are eaten in a particular order of their colours, then they bring more benefits to the body. It is also helpful in preventing many diseases. According to Dr. Dinna Minich, discoverer and nutritionist of the Rainbow Diet, every food item has a color in which phytochemicals, ie a type of antioxidant, are found. It has its benefits. Include food of all these colors in the diet.

What is Rainbow Food?

Rainbow food refers to the mandatory inclusion of fruits and vegetables of dominant colors similar to the colors of the rainbow. In plant-based food, the natural color of the food is due to the nutrients present in it. Each color has a different effect on your body. This is the reason why fruits and vegetables of all colors should be part of the diet every day.

Antioxidants present in colors and their effect

red: lycopene, anthocyanins
Benefits: Heart disease, urinary disorders and eye health profitable in

Main Sources: Tomatoes, Beetroot, Watermelon, Strawberries and Raspberries.

yellow-orange: beta, carotene
Benefits: Benefits to skin, eyes and immunity
Major sources: Sweet potatoes,
Potato, carrot, light red/orange/yellow pepper

White: Allyl Sulfides Benefits: Improves the immune system. Prevention of knots and heart diseases.
Major sources: Garlic, Cauliflower, Onion

Green: Lutein and Indo Benefits: Cancer and heart diseases
helpful in protecting against
Is. enhance eyesight It also helps.
Major Sources: Spinach, Cabbage
and broccoli

Blue purple: Anthocyanins, Flavonoids

Benefits: Improves the functioning of the brain.
Major sources: Eggplant,
Blueberries, Concord Grapes

Chemicals beneficial for the brain are found in vegetables

Colorful fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 30%

Effect of fruits and vegetables on digestion

Consuming colorful fruits and vegetables can be good for the brain. Chemical flavonoids, which give bright color to fruits and vegetables, prevent forgetfulness. They have an effective role in removing the confusion among people of growing age. The flavonoid-associated diet, physical activity, alcohol consumption, age and weight were taken into account in the study of nearly 100,000 people. These factors are associated with increased risk of dementia in old age. In a study published in Neurology, scientists have drawn conclusions based on two dozen commonly consumed types of flavonoids. Carotene is found in carrots, flavones in strawberries, anthocyanins are found in apples. According to Harvard, a diet rich in flavonoids from childhood is important for brain health. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 30%.

Good digestion is very important for a healthy body. At the same time, fiber in food is very important for good digestion. A lot of fiber is found in leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, etc. Apart from this, they also contain folate, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A. According to the John Hopkins Institute of Medicine, a special type of sugar is found in leafy vegetables, which increases the amount of beneficial bacteria found in the intestines.

1.Preventing cancers like mouth, throat and breast

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, eating non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onions, lettuce and other leafy vegetables may help protect against many serious cancers such as mouth, throat, stomach and breast cancer. Meets.

2.Flavonoids are the most important element

Flavonoids are found in many fruits, including apples, carrots, grapes, strawberries, cilantro, spinach, onions, cabbage, dark pumpkin, cabbage, strawberries, colored pumpkin and raw spinach. Onions, grapes and apples are also beneficial.

3.Eat fruits and vegetables up to 800 grams daily

According to the Harvard Thechan School, people who ate about 8 servings a day, or 800-900 grams of fruits and vegetables, had about a 30 percent lower risk of heart attack and stroke than those who ate fewer fruits and vegetables (about 170 grams). Is.
– The New York Times

Eating nuts reduces the risk of premature death by 8 to 17%
They protect against 3 serious diseases

five super food / for eatinghealthy foods to eat everyday to lose weight

Five super foods can save us from many serious diseases related to lifestyle. If they are included in the daily diet, then the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart-related diseases can be avoided. Mixed nuts and seeds, spinach, lentils, sauerkraut and broccoli sprouts are such foods. They contain a lot of protein, due to which hunger is not felt very quickly. These are helpful in controlling our weight. Rare minerals are found in these super foods. Like the polyphenols in walnuts, which are helpful in protecting against cancer. If people include nuts in the diet, the risk of premature death can be reduced by 8 to 17 percent, or this risk can be reduced by 5 to 10 years.

Rare minerals are found in these foods

1) Mixed nuts, seeds

  • Beneficial in preventing heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, constipation, anemia and obesity, nuts contain protein as well as fat which is beneficial for the heart.
  • Elements like fiber, calcium, magnesium are also found in nuts. Walnuts contain polyphenols which are helpful in preventing many types of cancer.

Quantity in food:
About 1 quarter cup (30 grams)

2) Spinach

  • Benefits: Helpful in preventing eyes, heart, cancer, weak bones, constipation
  • Spinach is a source of lutein, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin. these phytochemicals

Has anti-cancer properties. In addition to vitamins K, C and A, folate, manganese and magnesium are also found in it. Food quantity 2 cups (60 grams)

3) Sauerkraut (Yeasted Cabbage)

  • Benefits: Beneficial in bowel, inflammation, weight and gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. It contains fiber, antioxidants, vitamins K and C, iron, potassium, iodine, calcium. Quantity in food:    1 to 2 tsp

4) Lentils

  • Benefit: Helpful in preventing blood sugar, cholesterol, weight, constipation, anemia, heart disease, cancer etc. • A lot of protein is found in lentils. Apart from fiber, it also contains iron, folate, magnesium and potassium.

Quantity in food cup cooked (125 314)

5) Broccoli Sprouts

Beneficial in liver cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental / physical weakness

  • Broccoli sprouts contain cancer-fighting sulforaphane which is anti-microbial and neuroprotective. It reduces the effects seen with aging in a person. Prevents diabetes. Quantity in food cup (70 grams)

healthy foods to eat everyday to lose weighthealthy foods to eat everyday to lose weight

A study done on 4 lakh people for 16 years shows that the source of protein also determines how old a person will be.

Plant protein is better than non-veg
Reduced risk of death by 24%
According to a research, the source of protein tells how old a person will be. Individuals who consume most of their protein from vegetables have a 13 to 24 percent lower risk of death.

Study of diet of 4 lakh people for 16 years:

Four lakh people over the age of 50 were studied for 16 years. Scientists found that people who replaced eggs and red meat with vegetables in their diets had a 24 percent lower risk of death.

10 grams of plantain in 1,000 calories

Protein reduced risk by 12% Researchers found that if the amount of plant protein in 1,000 calories was 10 grams, the risk of death was reduced by 12%.

  • Fasting by drinking fennel water on an empty stomach Causes weight loss. Its effect is visible within 5-20 days. Because it is a good fat burner to lose weight
    is believed.

 How is the heart, it is 70% dependent on food, know what is best to eat


For a healthy heart, the share of regular routine and exercise is 30%, while the share of good food is 70%. Healthy fats like olive, coconut and mustard oil should be included in the diet for a healthy heart. Whole grains, beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables contain fiber. Spinach contains vitamin K. Strawberries, blackberries also have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol. Adopt the method of roasting, steaming, using less oil in cooking.


Do not take more than one teaspoon (5 grams) of salt in a day. At the same time, the amount of sugar that the body needs, it gets from food. Drinks containing added sugars cause obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes. Milk, cheese and meat contain saturated fat, do not eat them too much. Red meat, bakery products, chips, ready-to-eat food also harm the heart. All these things make you fat, and are bad for your heart.

what should we eat daily to lose weight

If you eat late at night, then reduce the amount of carbohydrates.

Know these dangers for late night dinner

Dr. Shivaji Chaturvedi Saltate Procia, Mumbai

Eating at the right time is beneficial for the body, eating at the wrong time is equally harmful. Especially eating late at night increases the risk of many diseases in the body. When food is eaten at the right time during the day, the body digests the food faster. In such a situation, fats, lipids and cholesterol etc. are easily absorbed by the liver, muscles and other tissues, according to a research published in US News & World Report, dinner should be eaten 3 hours before bedtime and the last snack 90 minutes before. Only then can he digest properly. Know about the dangers of eating late night food.

03 Dinner should be eaten an hour before sleeping. last snack 90 minutes ago

12% People who eat food on time lose weight, whereas people with similar diet and exercise plan, but people who eat late at night are able to lose

weight, whereas people with similar diet and exercise plan, but people who eat late at night are able to lose only 8% weight.

damage to the body
Bold)) Eating after 11 pm means weight gain

• Obesity biggest risk

According to North Western University, eating food at bedtime increases the risk of obesity. Due to this, extra calories are stored in the body for a long time. Which gets stored as fat.

• Digestive problems

Metabolism slows down due to less physical activity at night. The body has trouble digesting food. Due to this the body does not get the right nutrition and the risk of diseases increases.

• Effects on memory

Researchers from the University of California found that the memory and learning ability of rats fed at bedtime were affected. Memory-forming molecules were affected in these mice.

• BP, diabetes, heart disease.

According to the University of Pennsylvania, eating at night can increase the risk of high BP, diabetes. This increases glucose. It increases a particular fat in the blood, which increases the risk of heart disease.

Eating disorder, eating habits get worse

Eating late at night increases the chances of consuming non-nutritive food. This happens because of being tired. Being tired, a person chooses food that fills the stomach quickly.

Are you becoming a victim of an eating disorder?

1. Night Eating Syndrome

That is, even after dinner, taking one-fourth of the total calories of the day in the form of food. In this condition, there is less appetite in the morning. It seems that eating something is necessary for sleep. It is a type of eating disorder.

2. Busy Eating • Disorder

Binge eating disorder is the habit of overeating in a short period of time. It doesn’t happen once but continuously. Keep eating even if you are not hungry. This disorder occurs in 50% of people who are obese.

What to do to avoid danger?
1. Eat at frequent intervals: People who eat three or more times a day, most of them do not have dinner late at night. If you eat after a long gap, you will definitely eat more.

Spicy and junk food at night 2. Don’t eat at all. If necessary, take a cup of milk, oats or boiled vegetables. This will also provide nutrition.
(Research Source- International Journal of Basis, Health Line)

If you are fond of food then always remember this rule of 90-10

Maida: Cause of diseases like obesity, cholesterol

During the processing of wheat to make flour, the tissues found in it called endosperm are destroyed. Similarly, its bran, which is necessary for digestion, is also removed. Overall, almost all of its nutrients are lost while making maida from wheat. In such a situation, it causes serious digestive problems.

Foods made from flour in the right amount can be eaten once a week. that too just to test hero

Diet is under control in the season of Adi, take care of the important…..

Overeating is a big problem in the season of weddings and festivals. At such a time, things like sweets, flour and salt also increase in the diet of people who always take healthy diet. Cathy McManus, director of the Department of Nutrition at Brigham & Women’s Hospital affiliated with Howard, says some people eat salt, saturated fat and

Are more sensitive to added sugar. If such people neglect their diet for even a few weeks, then things like their blood pressure and cholesterol start getting affected. Therefore, such people should stick to their regular diet. Kathy says that people who are healthy can eat whatever they like on special occasions.

If you want to break the rules then remember this rule

If you always take a healthy diet and do not have any special health problems, then on some special occasions you can break the rules. But remember the 90-10 rule for this. In this, you take healthy diet 90 percent of the time and eat food of your choice 10 percent of the time. That is, if you take 3 miles daily, then you will have 21 miles in a week. According to this rule, you can eat anything of your choice twice a week.

Is there any danger in this?

If the rules of eating are broken again and again, then there is definitely a danger. Dr. Deepak L. Bhatt, editor-in-chief of the Harvard Heart Letter, says that eating too many unhealthy things at once causes many biochemical changes in the body. Such as increase in triglyceride immediately after eating. It can increase the risk of heart attack only after a few hours of eating. That is why it is better that we keep a healthy diet despite being healthy.

How many calories do you need?

Your daily calorie requirement depends on factors like age, activity level, body composition and whether there are any diseases. If you are healthy and do 30 minutes of exercise every day, then you can know how many calories are needed to maintain the current weight. For this, multiply your total weight (in pounds) by 15. For example, if the weight is 130 pounds, multiply it by 15. That is, you need 1950 calories daily.

H2)) One out of every 5 deaths in the world is due to wrong eating habits.

Satisfy half your hunger with fruits and vegetables
Dr. Devjani Banerjee
ESPN Qualified Renal and Onco Nutrition HOD Dietetics


While the same diet helps in the growth of children, the risk of many types of cancer including obesity, heart disease, type-2 diabetes in youth also decreases. According to statistics, 19% of people aged 2 to 19 years in the US and about 40% of the people over the age are obese, which increases the risk of diseases like type-2 diabetes, cancer. A study was conducted in 195 countries between 1990 and 2017 which shows


It is estimated that one out of every five deaths in the world was due to wrong eating habits and diseases related to it. This report was published by The Lancet. In such a situation, the question arises that what is the right diet? Science tells that if you are taking two portions of fruits and vegetables in the meal, while the rest are taking protein and carbohydrate food items in one portion, then this is the ideal situation. This means that half of your appetite should be quenched by fruits and vegetables.

3 diseases due to wrong eating

1.heart disease unhealthy diet

The biggest reason for heart diseases caused is due to excessive amount of sodium or salt. Blood pressure (hypertension) increases due to high sodium intake. It also damages the blood vessels which can lead to heart-related problems.

2. Diabetes converts food into sugar in the body, which the body uses as energy. Sweet foods are rapidly absorbed in the body, due to which the sugar level in the body goes up and down. At present the use of sugary food has increased. Which is becoming a major cause of diabetes.

3. The balance of micronutrients i.e. proteins, fats and carbohydrates is essential for a healthy body. Foods high in fat and sugar like chips, burgers, chocolates, biscuits increase body fat. Research suggests that obesity causes 12 types of cancer.

2:1:1 Formula for a Healthy Diet

Fruits and vegetables should be 50 percent of the total food, ie 2 parts. They provide the body with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and nutrients. Apart from this, 25 percent of the meal should be completed from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates provide glucose to the body, which serves as energy in the body. It provides 60 percent of the energy for the operation of the body. The remaining 25 per cent should be met from protein.

Very effective in reducing weight and belly fat

5:2 fasting formula: five days a week normal, two days limited food

if If you want to lose weight, then the 5.2 formula of fasting can be effective for you. The 5:2 formula means 5 days of normal food and 2 days of limited food. About one fourth of the diet has to be taken for 2 days as compared to normal days. According to nutritionist Dr. Adda Bajranadothir, a young man normally needs about 2400 calories and a woman about 2000 calories. That is, on the day of fasting, you have to take only 500-600 calories as food.

• This formula for weight loss has been invented by the doctor and British journalist Michael Mosley. He has written The 5:2 Diet Book on it.

Benefits Weight Control

3 to 8 percent weight loss occurs in 3 to 24 weeks. Insulin level is low. Damaged cells of the body are repaired. Decreases insulin resistance. The risk of type 2 diabetes decreases.

Caution: Do not increase diet

After fasting day, take the same diet on normal days which you take regularly. There will be no benefit from increasing it. On the contrary, the weight may increase further. On fasting day, a limited number of meals should be taken at least 3 times or twice.

Follow this 7 day diet plan

Those with a weak liver are 30 times more likely to die
7 Day Diet Plan For Strong Liver, 4 Major Functions Will Be Better

• Day 1: Take liver clean food, eat organic fruits, vegetables, pulses. They contain glutathione, which increases the toxin-closing enzymes of the liver.

• Day 2: Nourish the Liver

Eat leafy vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic leaves, citrus fruits, nuts and seeds. They contain antioxidants, fiber.

• Day 3: Strengthen the intestines Fermented food such as sauerkraut, kefir Beneficial bacteria are found in etc. It enhances digestion and immunity.

• Fourth day: Come to the routine, fix the time of sleeping, waking up and eating. Exercise regularly. This reduces the stress on the liver.

• Day 5: Premature Meal
Eat the main meal of the day by 10.30 am. Finish the dinner by 6.30 pm. Fast for the rest of the time. better metabolism
it happens.

• Day Six: Turmeric tea Turmeric contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory elements. It improves liver function and digestion. During this, herbal tea can also be used.

• Day Seven: Sweat profusely by walking, cycling and jogging. Oxygen reaches the liver and heart. Sweat flushes out toxins faster.

Benefits of this plan: Energy will increase, skin and digestion

“The system will improve

Processed food, added sugar, salt and caffeine deplete the body’s energy. By removing them during detoxification, the body feels energized. The dryness, spots, dryness in the skin starts decreasing. Digestion is better. Decreasing toxins, reducing joint and muscle pain and swelling, improves sleep. Which is a detoxifier in itself. It improves mental and physical balance, which improves mood.

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