how to achieve goals in life 2022

how to achieve goals in Life; All success rests on the goal. One who reaches his goal becomes successful. One who does not reach the goal, fails. But if it was so easy to reach the goal, then today all the people of the world would be healthy, prosperous and happy.

You can say that setting goals is very easy. correct! It is easy to set a goal, but it is not that easy to achieve it. For this reason, the number of people who subscribe to the gym in January on the New Year increases a lot, but leave the gym by February. That is, set the goal of good health but did not reach it. the question is

What is needed to achieve the goal? • How to set goals and manage them or yourself? • For this let’s go to the field and assume that you are a football player and playing a match. Now tell me what is your goal? Surely your goal will be clear, ‘Win!

Clear goals are essential to success. At the age of 8, Michael Phelps wrote down his life goals, top of which was, ‘I want to win the Olympics’. He went on to win 28 Olympic medals in swimming, of which 23 were gold medals. Their success shows how important clear goals are.


2.What does it take to win?

Score goals on the opposing team and save your goals.

Remember, the goal is to win, but there are two ways, offensive and defensive. The offensive method is to score a goal on the opposing team. The defensive method is not to let the goal be scored. If you focus on the defensive side then the offensive side will be weak and if you focus on the offensive side then the defensive side will be weak. That’s why you do this work keeping in view the time and circumstances. “Happened

When the ball is in the opposing team’s court, you are on the offensive and when the ball is in your team’s court, you focus on the defensive aspect. We can use these policies in life also.

Huh. Let’s say you want to improve your health. The aggressive policy is to eat nutritious vegetables and fruits, drink enough water, do yoga-exercise, walk etc. The defensive policy is not to eat outside things, to stay away from salt and flour, sugar, not to be lazy etc.

Tactics can also be changed by looking at the scoreboard in the middle. If your team is leading you are on the defensive and if your team is lagging you are on the offensive. That is, if you are successful then you should focus on the defensive strategy and if you are failing towards achieving the goal then you should focus on the offensive strategy.

3.Are you ready for the odds?

As soon as you score a goal, Murphy’s Law is activated and obstacles start to stand in your way – in football your opponents try to stop you as you approach the goal. The odds increase as the goal is approached, the goalkeeper intervenes, and the number of players on the opposing team increases. i.e. as you aim


As you get closer, the obstacles increase. Many people give up when the odds increase, but it’s like giving up when you reach the ‘D’ of the opposition team. The best way to overcome obstacles is to focus on the goal, not the obstacles.

4.Do you know the deadline?

From football we learn that our goal should be clear, we should adopt a defensive or offensive strategy depending on the situation. All this we have to do within the deadline which is 90 minutes in football, but in life it varies according to the goal. You should always remember your target till the deadline, because the football player does not think about the stock market while playing the match; He thinks of only one thing- how to reach the goal?

See the example of always remembering the goal. Bruce Jenner, an Olympic decathlon gold medalist, once walked into a hall full of budding players who wanted to play in the Olympics. Jenner asked them how many of them had a written list of goals—at the same time. Only one player raised his hand, Dan O’Brien. Dan O’Brien went on to win a gold medal in the decathlon at the 1996 Olympics. Writing and remembering goals makes a difference!