How to create a strong password (Tip’s) 2022

Children’s name, birthday password can be hacked in seconds: Research

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Create a login password with 18 special characters, it will not be hackable for 438 lakh crore years

It is a big challenge to keep the password safe while working online on the Internet. To keep the password secure, users should create passwords of multiple characters. Recently, US-based cyber security company Highway Systems has done a research in

Virginia. According to this, no information related to yourself, children’s date of birth or self should be used in the password. Such a simple 6-character password can be hacked in a matter of seconds. in research


It was found that a password of 7 to 8 words can be cracked in an hour. Sometimes hackers can crack it in just 39 minutes. On the other hand the company claims that A special kind of password hackers cannot crack for 438 lakh crore years. This password consists of 18 characters. Contains numbers, upper case, lower case, some words


and signs are included. This password, of course, takes a long time to input each time, but it is quite secure. An 11 character password cannot be cracked for 34 years. For this Hiva System has released a color coded table 2022. It describes how to protect the password. The company believes that using the same password on multiple sites can prove to be dangerous for you. By making password using new technology, it cannot be hacked easily.

Password is saved in the server like normal text

how to create a strong password

The password you use is saved in different servers as hashes, just like ordinary text. So that if someone sees them, then in principle, the real password is not revealed. Even if the software is detected, it will not be able to copy.