Heart Health Tips

Heart health 75% risk  of cardiac arrest and heart diseases in the  country below 50 years

50 years Research:  Being happy averts the risk of second  heart 10-minute attack by 73%

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country. In this also 85 percent of deaths are due to heart attack and stroke.

A research published by Indian Medical Professionals in September 2021  found that about 75 percent of the population under 50 in India is at risk of cardiac arrest or a heart problem.

Importantly, 80 percent of heart disease and stroke are preventable. The most important thing in this is to reduce stress and have a regular routine.

Apart from this, physical activity also plays an important role. The confusion is also increasing due to the increasing cases of heart diseases

in the country as well as across the world. In such a situation, today we know about 6 misconceptions related to heart diseases and their reality.

To avoid heart diseases, clear these 5 misconceptions

1) Thin people are not at risk of heart diseases more related to lifestyle than weight

2) Surgery is more effective than medicines. Lifestyle changes more effective with medicines

3) Heart disease occurs only in men No, men and women are at equal risk after 50

4) Cholesterol normal is not a threat, apart from cholesterol, many factors are also responsible.

5) Disease comes from parents to children, the risk of heart disease is high but not necessarily click more learn