Green Apples: 17 Health Benefits,

Nutrition, calories and side effects

When it comes to superfoods, we’re all aware of the benefits that they bring.

But, when you look at individual superfoods, there are a few that come up time and time again

– goji berries and blueberries for example. And one that doesn’t quite get the attention it deserves is apples.

As with most fruits, apples are chocked full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Not only can they help keep your teeth healthy and protect against certain cancers, but

eating apples on a regular basis can also have many additional health benefits.

Here are 10 reasons why you should eat apples every day...

They can help keep your teeth healthy.

2. They’re rich in antioxidants.

3. They can help fight against cancer.

4. They can help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

5. They’re a great source of fiber.

6. They regulate bowel movements.

7. They have anti-inflammatory properties.

8. They boost brain function.