Intermittent Fasting: To Weight Loss

1. 16/8 Method

16 hours fasting, 8 hours food. In this, fasting is done for 16 hours by limiting the time of eating to 8 hours....

2. 5/2 method

Five days of food, two days of abstinence. A person can take in 500-600 calories in these two days. The rest of the day goes on eating normal food...

This is known as fast diet. If you eat normal food from Monday to Friday, then on Saturday, Sunday you can have 2 small meals of 250 or 300 calories.

3. eat-stop-eat

After fasting for 24 hours on any one or two days of the week, the rest of the day remains normal.

4. fasting except one day

One has to eat one day in a week and fast on the second day. In this, eat normal on the first day and fast on the second day.

Similarly, eat normal on the third day and do not eat on the fourth day. During this, if you feel more hungry, you can eat something up to 100 calories.

5. Warrior Diet

Take heavy diet at night. After this, fast for the next whole day and eat raw fruits and vegetables in small quantities during this time. Eat more and more protein-rich things in it.

6. mile skip

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