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health and safety tips for rainy season


july 3 2022

health and safety tips for rainy season

Science based methods that will save you from getting sick in rain You can also avoid getting sick.

Along with you, you can also save family members from getting sick.


“After getting drenched in the rain, you should always take a bath with lukewarm water, this will increase the blood flow in the body.

Take a warm bath

Which relaxes the body by reducing the blood pressure. High humidity can lead to headache, which happens when you get wet in the rain during rainy days.

The benefit of bathing with lukewarm water will be that it restores the temperature and relieves you from other problems like headache, so when you are wet in the rain, take a bath with warm (warm) water only.

Keep Yourself Warm in the Rain:

When it rains after heavy humidity, our body temperature starts decreasing suddenly,


then our body starts cooling down due to changing weather,

hen simply our immune system will be weak and the risk of getting infected will increase,

then this is what to do. That you have to wear warm clothes and drink hot beverages.

These small measures will reduce the risk of infection 3. Keep food, body and house clean

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