What is cancer symptoms and causes – Diagnosis of cancer

what is cancer symptoms and causes

According to WHO, cancer is the second largest cause of death in the world, one out of every 6 deaths in the year 2008 was due to cancer, in 2018 1.81 crore people died of cancer. Cases were reported and 96 lakh people died. Awareness of people about cancer is also important because it is the second cause of death. The main cause of death due to cancer is obesity, the first reason is obesity and the second reason

is less use of fruits and vegetables in food, the third reason is being physically inactive, the fourth reason is tobacco, the fifth is the consumption of alcohol and smoking. 22% from tobacco. Deaths occur, which is a huge figure for cancer. The serious thing is that the death rate of cancer victims is almost double in developing countries, cancer patients are being found at a faster rate in America. In the

US, where about 300 people out of every 100,000 people have cancer, it is estimated that the detection of cancer in people with cancer, which can be avoided in 60% of the deaths of people diagnosed at an early stage.

Cancer is such a disease that starts from one place and spreads to another place as it grows could. And breast cancer is also a major cancer of this type, years ago it is formed in cells and it grows by becoming millions of cells, it then takes the form of tumor in any particular part (organ) of the body.

It appears in the form of a bulge or lump and the patient then comes to know that he has cancer, at present there are many better treatments available, especially beneficial in this surgery is to be done and is also successful surgery does not require chemotherapy for all As chemotherapy is very expensive but there is no successful treatment for cancer.
John Hopkins report says that if the best cancer is detected on time, the risk is reduced by 98%

How to diagnose cancer? American Cancer Society for this? Follow the CAUTTON Formula

C, For: Change in bowel or bladder habits.
A, For: A Sore that dose not heal
U For: Unusual bleeding or discharge.
T for: Thickening in the breast or elsewhere
I For: Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing.
O, for: obvious change in a wart, or mole
N, for: Nagging cough or hoaseness

Cancer treatment

Advanced radiation, immunotherapy drug is a new way to treat cancer. Cancer Cure!
Surgery: Radiotherapy, chemotherapy and combination of drugs are used for the treatment of cancer and new type of drug immunotherapy is brought in the treatment of cancer.

Know this also about cancer

The cause of cancer is five reasons including obesity, in which these also
Have obesity, low intake of fruits and vegetables
Inactivity, tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption are the main causes of cancer, one in five people with cancer have one of these five reasons for cancer cases.

How do you know how fat you are?
Can use the BMI body mass index formula

BMI calculator And what is 

all about breast cancer

Best Caesar’s to one woman out of every 8 in America
There is a possibility that women must undergo mammogram test every year after the age of 40 for protection.

When breast cancer spreads in the body, there are no symptoms in the initial stage, it is detected when a lump appears to emerge, the first sign of tumor is a lump on the breast itself.

Which is also a self exam
Symptoms of: Best Kaiser Symptom Lump Swelling in the arm Some parts or discharge,

Best cancer stage, 80% of best cancer cases occur after the age of 30

This stage is as follows:

Stage 1, this stagearm does not show symptoms

Stage 2, in this stage the cancer cells begin to grow, the size of the tumor is not larger than 2 cm and the lymph nodes are not affected

Stage 3, in this stage the size of the tumor has spread to the tissues. But does not grow more than 5 cm

Stage 4 In this stage the cancer has spread completely, which can be how big

symptoms of cancer

If you see these symptoms then be alert…!

1. Weight loss, even without making some changes, is a loss of 4-5 kg, then it is a symptom of stomach, lung cancer.

2. Formation of spots on the body.
different body sizes
Be alert if you see spots of color

3. Feeling more tired: In this case, you should consult a doctor. Fatigue can be an early sign of blood cancer.

4. If cough or body pain persists
It can also be a symptom of bone, pancreatic cancer. Frequently appearing traces of blood in cough can also be a symptom of cervical cancer.

cancer prevention

You should regularly include green vegetables in the diet containing exercise nutrition plan.
Keep the right weight, do 30 minutes of activity daily in exercise, if you want, you can do it 2-3 times a day, avoid processed food containing more salt and sodium, not more than 2400 mg