how to achieve goals

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.All success rests on the goal. One who reaches his goal becomes successful. One who does not reach the goal,

fails. But if it was so easy to reach the goal, then today all the people of the world would be healthy, prosperous and happy.

What is needed to achieve the goal?  • How to set goals and manage them or yourself? •

For this let’s go to the field and assume that you are a football player and playing a match. Now tell me what is your goal? Surely your goal will be clear, ‘Win!

2.What does it take to win?

Score goals on the opposing team and save your goals. Remember, the goal is to win, but there are two ways,

offensive and defensive. The offensive method is to score a goal on the opposing team. The defensive method is not to let the goal be scored. If you focus on the defensive

3.Are you ready for the odds?

As soon as you score a goal, Murphy’s Law is activated and obstacles start to stand in your way – in football your opponents try to