What is cancer symptoms and causes – Diagnosis of cancer


According to WHO, cancer is the second largest cause of death in the world,

one out of every 6 deaths in the year 2008 was due to cancer, in 2018 1.81 crore people died of cancer.

Cases were reported and 96 lakh people died. Awareness of people about cancer is also important because it is the second cause of death.

The main cause of death due to cancer is obesity, the first reason is obesity and the second reason

is less use of fruits and vegetables in food, the third reason is being physically inactive, the fourth reason is tobacco, the fifth is the consumption of alcohol and smoking. 22% from tobacco.

Table of Contents – How to diagnose cancer? American Cancer Society for this? Follow the CAUTTON Formula – Know this also about cancer – symptoms of cancer – cancer prevention

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8 july 2022