World Health Day - spicily read this

World Health Day

Belly fat will decrease twice as fast

Fat in and around the stomach is the cause of serious diseases like high BP, stroke, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer.

High Knee; to lose belly fat

Stand with legs slightly apart. , Keep the back straight. Quickly move the legs up and down. Bring the knee at least to the level of the chest.

2) Planck ; to lose belly fat

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3) Mountain Climber

• Get into pushup position. Bringing one leg towards the opposite hand, bring it to the chest. • Now bring the other leg forward.....? swipe now

Seated Knee Tux; to lose belly fat

Sitting on the hips, keep the feet together Lift it off the floor together.

• While exhaling, bring both the legs to the chest Take it to Wait a few seconds.

• Now taking a breath, move the legs forward. – Do 3 sets of 15-15.

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