3 Best Inspiring Story

In the words of Anand Kumar of Super-3 Inspiring story:  The struggle on which the film was made, premiered in France, got the post of engineer in a big company inspiring story short ( 1 ) This story from Varanasi. There is a girl named Nidhi Jha. Dada, a belligerent girl from a poor Brahmin … Read more

100+ Best Success Quotes

how to succeed in life: talk-softly., eat-sensibly., breathe – deeply.,  sleep-sufficiently.,  dress – smartly., act fearlessly. ,work-patiently., think- creatively., behave decently., -earn honestly., save – regurarly., spend – intelligently Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude ; Overcoming The Fear Of Failure Is Very Important Fear of failure becomes a hindrance in the path of success … Read more

Best Success Tips For everyone. 2022

‘Work with confidence, you will succeed’ • When you are proud of yourself, then there is also the feeling that the direction you are working in is right. • There is no formula for success. The success story of others can never be yours. • Moderation is also important in work. Keep it up, it … Read more

101+Best Motivation& Inspirational Quotes One Line 2022 [With Images]

Motivation Quotes One Line Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow. BELIEVING In Yourself is The first Secret to SUCCESS.. WORK HARD IN SILENCE: LET SUCCESS MAKE THE NOISE Motivational quotes for self note to self: YOU CAN’T CONTROL HOW OTHER PEOPLE RECEIVE YOUR ENERGY. ANYTHING YOU DO OR SAY GETS … Read more

Great Speech in Hindi ग्रेट स्पीचेस ऑफ द वर्ल्ड; रतन टाटा

Great speech By Sir Ratan Tata ग्रेट स्पीचेस ऑफ द वर्ल्ड आपकी पढ़ाई आपकी जिंदगी का सबसे अमूल्य निवेश है’ जीवन सिद्धांत अपने स्वयं के जीवन सिद्धांत बनाइए। इससे देश का भविष्य भी बना रहेगा। क्योंकि बिजनेस लीडर्स कई दफा लीडर के बजाय फॉलोअर बने नजर आते हैं। आप में से कई लोग ना सिर्फ … Read more

Motivational stories for success in hindi | inspiring speech about success

 Motivational stories for success in hindi | inspiring speech about success सफलता success चाहिए तो संभावनाओं की तलाश करें एक राजा था। बेहद दयालु, प्रजा का ध्यान रखने वाला और बहादुर। एक युद्ध में उसके एक पैर में गहरी चोट लग गई और पैर को थोड़ा-सा काटना पड़ गया। एक दूसरे युद्ध में उसकी एक … Read more

TOP 10 success stories in Hindi मोटिवेशनल स्टोरी इन हिंदी 2021

TOP 10 success stories in Hindi 2021| motivational success stories in Hindi | success stories in Hindi for students .. आपदाएं किसी भी सूरत में आए, अगर चरित्र में यह विशेष गुण हो, तो विजय निश्चित है। 1.success stories in hindi सफलता का राज दूसरे विश्वयुद्ध में जापान के विरुद्ध अमेरिका ने परमाणु बम का … Read more